When Love and Common Sense Combined

August 16, 2011

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A Poem From Tomorrow’s Child

Because you cared so long ago
although you knew you’d never know
If anything you’d do or say
would make a difference here today.

Though you saw you’d never see,
yet you cared so much for me;
An unknown name, a hidden face,
a future time and secret place.

And when you threw away your fear
like a tired souvenir,
And learned that being strong
meant admitting you were wrong.

I marked that day with humankind
when love and common sense combined,
And to my benefit unfurled
a rich endowment for the world.

Thanks, Ray.

Glenn Thomas, Sales Representative, Bentley Prince Street

One Response to “When Love and Common Sense Combined”

  1. Jessica Rios Says:

    This is a gorgeous poem, a tribute of love to a remarkable human being. Thank you Glenn, for writing and sharing this with us.