Tribute to Ray

August 18, 2011

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As a relatively new kid on the block I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Ray over a long period of time.  Although, such was his prominence in the industry, I’ve known of him and his accomplishments for many years.  As I joined the Interface team however, the long term respect I’d held towards Ray was quickly enhanced by genuine feelings of affection and admiration.  His warm demeanor and welcoming charm immediately made me feel like I’d been part of his Interface family forever.  My first impressions … wow!   Being a legendary visionary doesn’t stop him from being a downright nice guy.

His personal inspiration and powerful “Power of One” doctrine has motivated me in ways I never thought possible prior to being exposed to his insight.  To know Ray was to be moved by Ray; to be inspired by Ray to leverage that “Power of One” into a potent force for change.

His legacy will continue, a fact that no one can doubt.  A great man can be measured by his success, a great man can be measured by his achievements and Ray was a great man.  A truly great man however, is measured by the fact that his dream will be perpetuated by a host of inspired supporters of his cause.  That truly is a legacy and Ray truly was a great man.

And lest anybody should forget … he was a downright nice guy.

Jim McCallum, Senior Vice President, Interface Asia

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